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Polish Society of Toxicology

Polish Society of Toxicology was created in March, 1978. It is an interdisciplinary scientific association which consists of common members, honorary members, and contributory members. The Society comprises 11 regional section gathering over 300 members. It organises scientific congresses, conferences, symposia, training and methodological seminars and courses, both national and international. The Society has been publishing periodically "Guide to the Polish Society of Toxicology" and own scientific journal "Acta Poloniae Toxicologica" since 1987 and 1993, respectively. Polish Society of Toxicology is a member of two international scientific associations, namely European Toxicological Association - EUROTOX and International Union of Toxicology IUTOX


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Travel Grant for EUROTOX 2009 founded by Polish Society of Toxicology for young Polish toxicologist was awarded to Marta Mendel, DVM, form Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

5th ICOH Conference on Work Environment and Cardiovascular Diseases, 27-30 September 2009, Cracow, Poland

Congress EUROTOX , September 12-16, Dresden, Germany,

Workshop New trends in toxicology, June 1-2, 2009, Lodz

IX Meeting of Polish Society of Toxicology, September 12-16, 2008, Szczyrk

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